South East regional winner nomination with "The Great British Hair & Beauty Awards 2021".

Lourenco’s Barber Shop: Barber of the Year 2021 (South-East)

We have some special news to share with you all. We have won the Great British Hair and Beauty Award as the regional winner 2021!

Thank you to everyone for making this possible. Words cannot describe how proud our team is of this achievement. Our commitment to serve you all in the best way we can has paid off and for that we want to thank you all so much.

I can't describe my gratitude and how much I value each and every one of you, my lovely customers. You mean much more to me than a business. You are the people who make it possible. You are the reason that we get up every morning and come to work with a smile in our faces. From myself and the team, please accept a very humble virtual hug with thanks 🙏


Our Service

Hair Cut

At Lourenco's, we promise you traditional service but when it comes to cutting hair we're strictly up to date. Sure, we'll cut you a great short back and sides if you ask, but our creative, award-winning team are ready to come up with something more stylish - just tell us how you'd like to look and feel and we'll do the rest! Every hair cut comes with a blow dry and neck shave and can take up to 50 minutes depending on the style. Please allow the time to make sure that you get the best hair cut possible. If you're looking for a quick hair cut we aren't the right barbers for you. We work with quality not quantity. We have a range of excellent products designed for the male market that will keep you in good shape all day.

Luxury Hot Towel Shave

Nothing beats a Luxury Hot Towel Shave with an open blade and the team at Lourenco's are masters of this traditional art. Open razor shaving, using what's sometimes called a cut-throat razor blade, provides you with the closest, smoothest shave you'll ever experience. Careful preparation of your stubble using the best products and a soft brush, with hot and cold towels restores and invigorate your pores and recreates the traditional experience of male pampering. No wonder we have clients happy to travel miles to experience the ultimate in shaves. we've mastered the perfect shave. 

The Groom and ushers

A visit to Lourenco's really comes into its own if you absolutly need to look your best for an important occasion or your big day. We often look after the groom, the best man and his ushers leading up to their wedding day. Not only can the team get hair in shape and deliver the sharpest cut for the wedding day, the added benefit of a traditional open blade shave will be sure to show through in a smarter profile on your wedding day. 

But don't have to be getting married to have a shave at Lourenco's - you just need to be wanting to look your best!


- If you're looking for the perfect grooming gift for your man, don't forget that gift vouchers are available from the salon. A wet shave and hair cut from Lourenco's is pampering for real men!




Thank you for booking with Lourenco's.


Lourenco's Barber Shop opened in Castle Street, High Wycombe in November 2013. From the outset, we aimed to be a traditional gents barbers with an old fashioned quality of service- but with a modern twist. 

It's our mission to treat you with good old-fashioned courtesy but also to give you an up to date look so that you leave us walking tall and perfectly groomed. 

We pride ourselves on our customer service, expert finishing and our hot towel face shaves, which some clients travel miles to enjoy. An old -fashoned shave with an open blade simply cannot be beaten - you will experience the ultimate in close shaves, whether for a special occasion or simply because...?

You will always be a valued client and our professional team will ensure you leave looking your absolute best.

In terms of psychology a sharp gents haircut is the apotheosis of elegance, showing High self esteem & feeling like a man who matters. We set the standards that others are judge by.

We have become an oasis for gentlemen looking for exceptional client service in an old- fashioned barber shop but with modern touches. 

We look forward to seeing you at our salon in Castle Street, High Wycombe soon.

Trichology, Is the Science of Studying Hair and Scalp Diseases and Disorders

The condition of your hair and scalp is important to your overall health and well-being. In many cases there is a direct link to a lack of vitamins or mineral levels in the body, as well as being an indicator of stress, illness or medication interactions.

As one of the leading barber's shops in Buckinghamshire, our knowledge and experience of Trichology means that we understand the science of the structure, growth cycle and health of different hair types. In that way we can advise and customize hair styling and beard shapes for every individual. 💈✂️🥇

- About us -

Our Team

Maria Lourenco....Maria had a calling to be a hairdresser from a very early age. When Maria was only 8 years old she used to search the classified adverts in the local paper that her parents had at home. Years went by but Maria didn't give up looking every week for hairdressing jobs.

As soon as she was old enough to be a Saturday girl she asked at the local hairdressers if she could help out in there free of charge as this was to be her chosen career. This made her feel very grown up and she worked tirelessly with an enthusiastic twinkle in her eye and smile on her face. 

The years went by quickly and after working for various hairdressers Maria decided to take a proper hairdressing course which lasted two years and took her to the highest level possible. Maria went on to work for two very famous hairdressers in Lisbon, Portugal and Cascais, Portugal. Maria finished her work in Portugal working along side the owner of the most popular traditional barber in Cascais before deciding to move to England and continue her great adventure.

In October 2007 Maria moved to Deddington, Oxfordshire where she worked for Steve Miller and also pursuing her own mobile hairdressing which was very successful. In 2011 Maria took further courses at Oxford Valley College which included cutting and colouring.

In November 2013 Maria opened her first Barber shop in Castle Street, High Wycombe. During December 2013 Maria had a one to one intensive two day traditional shave course with Mark Sproston (The Shave Doctor) who is the master of this science. This course was to refresh her skills and help her become the best she could be in the career she has chosen.
In 2017 Maria completed a NVQ Beauty Therapy Level 2 Course . In 2018 she attended a Wahl seminar specialist: The Fade. 

In August 2020, after a long and very hard studying program, Maria graduated in Trichology (science of studying hair and scalp diseases and disorders). Maria is now not only a very skilled barber, with over 30 years experience in the profession, she is also a Trichologist consultant.

Maria also went through a very intensive training to become an Advanced skin Specialist. She she's qualified in specialties such as: Anatomy and physiology, High frequency, Advanced skin core knowledge, Facial electrics, Radio frequency, Medical Peels, Medical micro-needeling, laser and IPL, Skin rejuvenating, Micro-current and Nutrition, Covid19 infection prevention and Sales and Management. 

Maria is now studying Phlebotomy and has a few other courses lined up for the beginning of next year 2022. 




Shakir was 16 when he started college doing an engineering course he progressed through his level one and eventually went on to level 2 but during his level 2 course he lost all interest for the course and started getting interested it barbering. But he still finished the course and got his qualification. But whilst he did this he was researching barbering videos and getting as much knowledge as he could about the trade. He then grew confident enough to start cutting his own hair and his brothers and the journey took off from there. As he cut his hair over and over again his skills and knowledge grew and his friends even grew confident enough to let them cut their hair.

After shakir finished his level 2 course he started searching for barbering courses and apprenticeships and after about 9 months of searching he found lourencos barbershop. Maria trained him for two very intensive years. He is now fully "NVQ Level 2 Barbering" qualified, delivering high quality hair cuts and beard trims. 

Shakir has been growing more and more each day in the barbering profession. He works alongside Maria lourenco, delivering the highest quality haircuts and beard trims he possibly can. He is a very talented professional, applying the working ethic and skills that he was taught by Maria Lourenco. His reputation is growing really fast.  God knows what he is up to next, lets wait and see!


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